Hover Shoes & Beards: 10 Wonderfully Useless YouTube Tutorials

Many articles (including one of my own) have been written in an attempt to debunk the popular assumption that YouTube is filled with more bad tutorials than good–this is not one of those articles. It has often been pointed out that YouTube does offer up a smattering of useful tutorials for those who take on the task of searching long and hard enough. The cold hard fact, however, is that the overwhelming majority of YouTube tutorials teach viewers how to do things that they most likely will never need to know or ever want to know in the first place.

Just because you may not NEED to know any of the things that can be learned in the following tutorials, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a good laugh out of the fact that these beauties exist for your viewing pleasure. For this reason, I have weeded through all the useful tutorials (boring) on YouTube and found a list of the top 10 things that YouTube can teach you that you probably never wanted to know.

1. How To Build Hover Shoes


2. How To See Through Clothing


3. How To Make a Paper Gun That Shoots Ninja Stars


4. How To Properly Make a Girl Look Like a Dude By Giving Her a Wool Beard


5. How To Eat a Chicken Wing With One Hand


6. How To Eat a Carrot


7. How To Unlock a Car Door With a Tennis Ball


8. How To Open a Car Door With a Potato


9. How To Charge an iPhone With Fruit


10. How To Make a Foxhole Radio