Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart Read “Mean Tweets”

If you wrote some bitchy tweet to a celebrity you love to hate like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, do you think they would read it?

Last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featured some A-list celebs from Katy Perry to Snooki reading one of their most vitriolic tweets in his “Mean Tweets” segment to the tune of REM’s “Everybody Hurts.” How appropriate.

Justin Bieber got to read his hate tweet from @Meemooza1, which said, “Dear God, give us 2pac back and we’ll give you Justin Bieber.” Well, 2Pac did come back — in hologram form, but I guess he spared the Biebs as well.

As for Katy Perry, she got beef from someone who didn’t want to see her concert film “Part of Me.” User @the_mccabe tweeted: “I would rather chop my arm off & L myself with my detached limb than watch “Katy perry the movie” What the f**k is wrong with the world.”

Well, at least many of them jokingly took the hate in stride — unless you’re Danny McBride from “Eastbound and Down.” User @Big Grains tweeted: “If Mike Piazza’s hair caught on fire and someone put it out with a cast iron skillet, you’d have Danny McBride.” His reaction was classic — he said, “This doesn’t bother me, I don’t give a f**k” and took a swipe at the Twitter cardboard and left the room. OK, he’s kidding too!


Now you know that celebrities read your hateful tweets, so be careful and tweet responsibly!

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