London Olympics Opening Ceremony Unaired by NBC, But Others Step In [LIVESTREAM]

Even if NBC is gung-ho about making the 2012 Summer Olympics in London live for everyone, they’re not so keen about streaming tonight’s opening ceremony and the closing ceremony August 12.

It will happen around 9pm London time, but so far, the folks at America’s official Olympics channel won’t stream the ceremony (and the closing ceremony) at all, so you’ll have to see it on your telly at 8pm local time, hours after the Olympic flame reaches the stadium.

Of course, many who are pumped about the games are furious. In this social media-fueled world, what better natural place to take your grievances to NBC than on Twitter? Jim Weber of sports website tweeted: “NBC airing 5,535 hours of Olympics live but not the opening ceremony? Epic fail.”

Huffington Post senior editor Craig Kanalley appealed for a call to action from the Twitterverse: “Retweet if you’re disappointed NBC won’t show the #London2012 Opening Ceremony live in #USA

If one tweet should represent the collective angst against NBC’s refusal to stream the Opening Ceremony, it would be from @ohonestly: “Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second – NBC is broadcasting the opening ceremony on TAPE DELAY? It’s 2012! I need to live-tweet!!”

NBC paid $1 billion to the International Olympic Committee to broadcast the Olympics, but why would they shut Internet users out of one of the biggest ceremonies in sports? How could they take little thought and not show it live when it could clearly be an essential part of the social conversation about the Olympics? Sure, you can stream thousands of hours live, but the spectacle, the enthusiasm and the tradition that makes the Opening Ceremony has never been more important than in the age of social media. NBC has lost out on an opportunity to allow its viewers on the Internet and on TV to participate in the global conversation.

If it’s because they want to get more people to watch prime time so they can charge prime time prices to advertisers,
it’s not going to work. We have many ways to watch and get news about the Olympics besides television, and what NBC should do is utilize its relationship with YouTube better.

While it looks like any hope of NBC streaming or broadcasting the Opening Ceremony live is fading, it’s not too late to tell NBC to broadcast the Closing Ceremony live. Oh, and while you’re at it, could you also tell them to open the live stream for all events to everyone and not just cable subscribers? Thanks.

But, if you, really, really, really want to watch the opening ceremony, check this video for the BBC’s live coverage.

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