My Damn Channel: YouTube Host Beth Hoyt Is Live! [EXCLUSIVE]

Being the spokesperson for My Damn Channel comes at a fairly serious price. With enormously successful comedy shows like “You Suck At Photoshop” and “Wainy Days” calling My Damn Channel home, there is a precedent set for some of the best comedy on the Web. Luckily, Beth Hoyt, host of “My Damn Channel Live” and arguably the face of My Damn Channel, is the right person to take on the challenge.

Appearing live everyday, Hoyt curates comedy videos with monologues that do justice to the good name of My Damn Channel.  In addition, every Wednesday, Hoyt interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment with a completely manic improvised style.

Improv On YouTube

Although filming a live show everyday may seem beyond stressful, Hoyt seems to have it figured out. “When we first started, each day we made a big script and a big show, and we realized that it’s better to have the shows more improvised and more dealing with comments and a live audience,” Hoyt said.

That improvised tone shines through all of Hoyt’s interviews and monologues in a way that is equal parts charming and effortless. “I think not having a break on any of this yet helps to keep you on your toes. The minute we break from it or it gets easier then it will suddenly be harder,” Hoyt said in regards to the content she and her team must produce daily.

Keeping The Web’s Attention

As the first face people see when visiting My Damn Channel, Hoyt has adopted a tone and style fit to draw in and keep Internet audiences’ attention. “I learned that something constantly has to be happening physically to look at, and it has to be really quick,” Hoyt explained. “The good news for me is my style is kind of bent for this YouTube and quick-thinking world, so that helps me.”

With its breakneck pace, “My Damn Channel Live” and Hoyt must constantly be adapting to the feedback of the show’s live audience. “I am learning a lot from the YouTube comments and all of our fans and people tweeting in. I can almost hear what they are tweeting or commenting,” Hoyt explained.

As it is with a web audience, maintaining interaction is everything. Hoyt explained her method of continually keeping viewers engaged: “You need something to grab their attention and just start shoving marshmallows in your mouth to just get it back to a basic level of laughing. “

You can find Hoyt appearing daily on “My Damn Channel Live” at 4pm ET, and if things seem a bit unrehearsed, don’t worry; Hoyt isn’t expecting perfection from a live cast. “That is the thing about YouTube. There is so much content that if it is not perfect or exactly what you want, since we have a daily show there is always tomorrow,” she said.


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