Philip DeFranco aka sxephil goes LIVE on Youtube

Yesterday at 1pm PST, Philip DeFranco aka sxephil took the leap into the live streaming world using YouTube’s elusive “partners only” live-streaming platform to answer questions and speak with fans in real time via his YouTube channel. Phil was, as usual, funny and engaging, and it was great to be able to see the more off-the-clock side of him. I’m a huge advocate of using live streaming to engage your YouTube audience and was pleased to see one of YouTube’s top stars hopping on the live streaming bandwagon(although he did ignore my advice and set up right in front of his fridge). The fans’ responses were great with comments like “Phil, you should do this more often” and “Who else watched the whole video?”, showing just how effective a weekly live stream can be for building your online audience. Check out his live show QnA below.


So, is Phil’s (hopefully continued) Sunday afternoon live stream a taste of things to come from YouTubes top stars? I definitely think it is. What do you think? What YouTubers would you like to see go live? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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