Revenge Of The Creator: How To Ruin A YouTubers Day [WEBCOMIC]

In the pre-YouTube era, the roles of celebrities and non-celebrities were clearly defined. Here were celebrities with their Scientology party yachts, and here was Joe Six Pack with his mortgage, lousy job and terribly non-famous family. The line was drawn and us common folk were never to cross it. Approaching a celebrity with a demo tape or film reel would quickly result in a swift escort to the nearest parking garage for a good beating. Now, with the introduction of the YouTube celebrity, the line between talent and their fans is quickly dissolving. This can be a wonderful thing, but not always. For all of you YouTube creators who have been told “I can’t believe your job is filming yourself with a webcam,” this comic is for you. Go and live vicariously though it.


Illustration By Drew Rueda

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