SDCC: Domo Creator Tsuneo Goda Talks with NMR [VIDEO]

“Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten” is the caption from a mock PSA meme from 2002 that catapulted Domo to worldwide stardom. But where did Domo really originate, before he became the fuzzy assassin of felines sent by a vengeful god infuriated by your heinous twice-a-day habits? Well, he was born from an egg hatched by Japanese animator Tsueno Goda as a cute, fun mascot for Japanese television station NHK. Did you know he hates apples? Now and forever a viral sensation, Domo also lives amongst us in the form of toys, comics, cartoons, T-shirts, and other products you want to fork your money over. I was able to talk with legendary Domo-kun creator Tsuneo Goda at San Diego Comic-Con and ask him among other things, what he thinks of the PSA ad that brought his otherwise innocent Domo creation to the adoring attention of the only people that matter (Westerners), and whether he’s thought about bringing his little square-shaped bundle of joy to YouTube.