SDCC: Machinima Panel Unveils New Halo 4 Web Series [EXCLUSIVE]

The Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Hilton was host to YouTube gaming network Machinimathis afternoon as they unveiled a host of new programming and original content. The first half of Machinima’s San Diego Comic-Con panel consisted of several Machinima partner channels presenting a variety of new and upcoming content.

Among the Machinima creators were the crew from The Creatures showing off an original mind-bending, half machinima-half live action sizzle reel of content coming soon to their channel. Dan Bialek, from the channel Action Figure Therapy, was also on the panel showing off a few minutes of animation that’s set to be a new addition to the channel’s traditionally live-action roster.

When Bialek was asked about the opportunity to bring Action Figure Therapy to Machinima, he told the crowd at Comic Con:

“Our main channel is action figures standing still as comedians talk over them. Partnering with Machinima gave us the opportunity to partner up with the awesome people on this panel and a lot of great animators.”

The showstopper, however, was the crew at Reckless Tortuga introducing their new web series in conjunction with Machinima Prime, “Hell, MI.” The trailer, which ran on all four of the ballroom’s massive projectors, opened with actor and Reckless Tortuga staple Eric Pumphrey pointing a shotgun square in the face of an old women. The rest of the trailer showed Pumphrey being haunted by hellish demons and taking control of a church full of people at gunpoint. This is a departure from the typical comedy style videos that Reckless Tortuga worked on previously with Machinima.

The second half of the Machinima panel was dedicated to Machinima Prime’s flagship series, “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.” After a brief overview of what Machinima Prime will be bringing to screens when it launches this August, “Forward Unto Dawn” director Stewart Handler described what the series’ focus. Handler described “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” as taking place on an undisclosed planet where future UNSC soldiers are trained to become officers or ODSTs. Handler also verified for the first time that Master Chief himself would be appearing in the show as the cadets find themselves under attack from the Covenant.

The full “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” trailer will be shown at Microsoft’s press conference later this evening. Luckily, for those of you not able to attend SDCC this year, the trailer will run online at Machinima simultaneously with the Microsoft panel.

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