SDCC: Rob Reid, Rhapsody Founder & “Year Zero” Author [INTERVIEW]

There is no way to prove it, but entrepreneur and author Rob Reid has somehow found the secret to unlocking more than 24 hours in a day. It’s the only reasonable explanation as to how, at 45 years old, Reid has managed to create music service Rhapsody, cofound IGN Entertainment, and give a Ted talk earlier this year. As if that resume weren’t impressive enough, Random House recently published his third book, “Year Zero.” The sci-fi epic tells the story of copyright violation throughout the cosmos and the pop music obsessed aliens who have bankrupted the universe. We sat down with Reid at the Random House booth at this year’s SDCC to talk about the current state of online piracy and how mobile technology is shaping our digital consumption. You can listen to the first chapter of “Year Zero” here and read a prologue from Reid here.

Make sure you check out the trailer for Year Zero:


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