Smosh hits 5 million subscribers [EXCLUSIVE]

Thanks to our friends at VidStats, NMR just found out that congratulations are in order for Smosh–who reached 5 million subscribers on YouTube!

When we asked Smosh how they felt about their tremendous achievement, Anthony Padilla told NMR:

“5 million is such a really huge amount of people. I can’t even picture that many people all together. It’s higher than the population of many states and even some entire countries! We can’t thank our viewers enough for all the support they’ve shown us. We wouldn’t be able to keep making videos each week and continue to create this content if it weren’t for their support!”

Reaching the 5 million subscriber milestone places the popular comedy duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox at #3 on YouTube’s list of 10 most subscribed channels. Smosh is just a little over 500,000 behind RayWilliamJohnson, who holds the #1 spot, and close to 300,000 subscribers away from #2 nigahiga. Smosh joined YouTube in 2005, and the duo’s popularity has kept them at or around #1 in past years. Recently, Smosh skyrocketed past Machinima and Jenna Marbles into the #3 spot.

When asked about Smosh’s plan to climb into the #1 spot, Padilla had this to say:

“ We are never motivated by ranks or stats, so we aren’t going to do anything different to try to climb ranks. But we are definitely going to continue to make content we love and we hope people enjoy it just as much as we do!”

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