The Reason Nobody Watches Your YouTube Videos

As an avid YouTube viewer who wishes he had the skills to produce awesome videos, I’ve noticed that the videos that get the most attention in the first place are the ones where the creator appeals to an audience by concocting a punchy description or image. Without putting in a little bit of context, it merely confuses the viewer or makes the video remain unnoticed.

The reason I think many YouTube partners have an unremarkable presence on the site is due in part to their lack of certain visual skills. Here are three reasons why YouTube partners should worry about how they present their videos on the site:

Your Thumbnail Is Drawn At An Elementary School Level

I know that YouTube artists try to put in their own thumbnail as a way to visually enhance the appeal of their video, but c’mon, I would expect more effort in creating your thumbnail. Please, for everyone else’s sake, stop using insanely bright-colored backgrounds and poorly made fonts to describe what your video’s about. It shows that you have the artistic talent of a 3rd grader — on second thought, that would be too insulting to 3rd graders. That’s why we have titles and descriptions, but don’t go haywire on this! (see below)

Your Title/Description Reads Like An Essay

Whenever I want to know more about a video, I obviously read the description below. However, if you have to go on a long thesis about the video — or if your title is way too long — I may lose my interest. I come to YouTube to watch videos, not to read lengthy discussions about what the video is about and where it fits in context with American society today. Did I bore you already? In short, it’s YouTube, not YouRead.

The Thumbnail and Description Doesn’t Match The Video

It’s happened to almost everyone, you spot a video that you think looks visually fascinating, but it turns out to be way different than what you expect. You know that many people on YouTube are using “The Dark Knight Rises” to make videos that have absolutely little to do with the movie. It’s common practice that certain YouTubers trying to make a quick buck use trending topics of the day in order to garner more viewership. Although YouTube has introduced changes to the algorithm determining recommended videos, it won’t stop them from making appallingly uncreative videos by hijacking our favorite topics. I’m talking to you, Reply Girls!

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