Top 5 YouTube Cover Videos of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend” is a monolithic example of just how powerful the recently turned 18 year-old pop star has in the new media realm. The official VEVO music video for the hit song has well over 110 million views and is rising daily (Justin is also responsible for Youtube’s #1 video of all time, the music video for “Baby” with 761,778,676 views). But in the world of YouTube, with such a highly viewed music video comes a wave of parodies and covers. Let’s check some out!

ShayCarl – 818,335 views 

Our buddy Shay Carl put together this video with an interesting twist on Bieber’s original video… sewing. Why? Because sewing is awesome, that’s why.  Stitch. Stitch. Stitch.

Supricky06 – 158,326 views 

Chris Thompson aka Supricky06 represents all of us nerdy guys in the world with his “Boyfriend” parody. And with that bow tie and the amount of chivalry Melvin is rockin’, swag is an understatement.

Wzr0713 – 10,086,624 views 

This girl clearly demonstrates the perils of dating in our modern, social media-infused world with her take on The Biebs’ smash hit song. Those…those eyes. I can’t escape her…her creepy gaze.

MattyBRaps – 33,944,451 views

Parody aside, check out this Bieber-in-the-making, MattyBRaps. When this kid was just a fetus, I was playing Pokemon on a gigantic grey Gameboy and failing every attempt I made at even saying “Hello” to a girl in middle school. *facepalm*

TylerWardMusic – 3,535,728 views 

Last up is this edgy, country-pop-rock-whatever take on “Boyfriend” by Tyler Ward. I embarrassingly caught myself tapping my feet to this one. Wait…no, I didn’t. I listen to metal and gangster rap and other very manly, un-poppy music. STOP STARING AT ME.

Got any favorite “Boyfriend” covers or parodies that I didn’t mention? Comment down below and let us know!

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