Travel The World With “Sonia’s Travels” Top 5 YouTube Videos

Called by some the “Fairy Godmother of Travel,” Sonia Gil never imagined herself traveling for a living. In fact, if you had told her five years ago that she would not only be traveling but creating travel videos for a fan base of over 11,000 subscribers, she would have scoffed at this accusation, placed her hands in the pocket of her lab coat and continued her plant research at Cornell University. Finding her true passion with languages and travel, “Sonia’s Travels” videos air every Thursday and follow Sonia cracking the code of foreign cities, providing information about city sites, people, language and culture all around the world. Every Monday, watch Sonia discussing all things from exercising on vacation to tips for breezing through TSA at the airport on her vlog. With humor, curiosity and passion, Sonia encourages each of us to put down our maps, open our eyes and take in the true wonder of the places around us.

Paris: People Watching at a Cafe

From a quiet cafe table in Paris, Sonia instructs viewers to sit, order a drink and enjoy the world around them. People-watching is one of her top three things to do in Paris, and through her lens we see the culture, fashion and pace of the Parisians.

Miami Bikinis, Sunscreen and Sonia’s Hometown Beach!

Clad in a purple bikini, Ray Bans and sunscreen, Sonia takes us through her hometown of Miami. With her home-drawn sand map, we take in the tanned bodies, the clear blue ocean and eclectic groups of people sharing the sands of Miami.

Paris: Food, Feet and Romance on the Seine

Sonia takes in the sunset, magic and simplicity of the Seine River thought by locals to be the river of love, holding the city’s heart and soul. Through her eyes we see the romance of the city unfold through our people watching, Paris’s bridges and the locks of love.

Sonia’s Awesome Olympics Preview!

With humor and a contagious sense of excitement, Sonia debates the best and worst Olympic sports for traveling. With a large suitcase by her side and the TSA weight limit at 50 pounds, Sonia gives us a preview of her 2012 Olympic coverage.

Berlin: Reinventing the Wheel

With a bike as her best companion, Sonia travels around Berlin in true German fashion. Sonia encourages all traveler to jump on their two wheels to enjoy the beauty that Germany has to offer.

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