VidCon 2012 by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The convention that embodies the YouTube community has come and gone but not without leaving insight into the possible future of the annual online video event known as Vidcon. In December 2009, video entrepreneurs Hank and John Green began preparation for the first ever VidCon to be held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles in July 2010. Since then, VidCon has grown substantially in both attendance and celebrity appearances. Averaging together the last 2 years’ data, attendance growth for next year’s event can be expected to jump 230%, which would mean a potential 16,000 attendees at VidCon 2013! Here at NMR, we’ve gathered some of the juiciest VidCon information (thanks to topsy) into an infographic for you to digest as you reflect on the 3rd annual VidCon and begin to look forward to VidCon 2013.

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