Vidcon 2012: NMR Interviews Cast of Leap Year [VIDEO]

Introducing television-quality content to the Web has been an uphill battle for most YouTube and digital video creators. However, more and more we are seeing a steady rise in new and original programming for the Web that rivals most shows on television today. With an eye towards production value and long form narrative, “Leap Year” is quickly becoming a shining example of the new generation of web shows. After the Michael Buckley-moderated “Leap Year” panel, I caught up with actors and “Leap Year” co-creators Wilson Cleveland and Yuri Baranovsky along with Daniela DiIorio, who plays Olivia Reddox on the show. Now on its second season, “Leap Year” has doubled in length and become a runaway success on Hulu and YouTube. I spoke with the cast about long-form content on the Web, and why television and digital video don’t need to be enemies.

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