Vimeo’s Weekend Project Group Wants Your Summer Videos

Have a cool 4th of July vacation video that you shot with your awesome camera? Vimeo wants you to share it.

The guys over at the video-sharing website want you to submit your best summer video as part of its Weekend Project Group contest series. Whether it’s a vacation segment or that 15-second fireworks show in San Diego, if you think it’s good enough for the Vimeo judges, you have until July 11 at 11:59pm EST to submit your best one-minute clip for consideration.

This is a good opportunity for budding creators to experiment with montage work and hopefully get a chance to win additional space on Vimeo to store and promote their compelling content.

One winner of the Weekend Project Group will receive a free Vimeo Plus account for a year and an extra 5 GB of space. The runner up will receive an extra 3 GB of space whether they are Plus account members or not.

Dan Hayek, Director of Education + Community for Vimeo, told NMR:

“It gets people creating with whatever they have around them, regardless of the setting they’re in, regardless of gear or experience. We firmly believe that experience via experimentation is the best teacher and sharing it with a positive community that can offer constructive critique helps push people to create better and better videos.”

He added, “It’s always fun to see what people come up with, the various ways they interpret the direction we give. Thankfully, with a community as vibrant and strong as Vimeo’s there are always awesome submissions and more often than not from video enthusiasts, not professionals.”

What are the rules? Remember that your montage must be one minute long or less and that the footage must be from this summer or this previous weekend. Of course, you must have a Vimeo account to enter and join the Weekend Project Group.

If you are stuck on ideas, the Vimeo Video School has tips that could help you ranging from “5  Summer Vacation Video Tips” to working around lens flares.

A previous subject tackled by the Weekend Project Group included “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Split Screen!” which encouraged contestants to create juxtaposing videos through split-screen methods.

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