WANTED: Advertisers Seeking YouTube Stars

YouTube has been hustling in the last few months for more ad money. First, the expansion of the partner program tried ensuring that anyone with talent could make their fair share, which would mean more money and a pool of target demographics for advertisers. The company also tried seducing them by pushing original programming through its 100+ new channels.

Now, YouTube has another message for advertisers: partners are open for business, and we’ve got the tools just for you. The YouTube Video Creation Marketplace, announced at VidCon, will have a beta site up and ready by summer. This program will help advertisers find the best creator hawking their products by searching for things like content type, keywords and target demographic. It’s another sweet money-generating option for creators and for finding a new audience through sponsorship.

Baljeet Singh, Group Product Manager for YouTube

Baljeet Singh, Group Product Manager for YouTube, said in an email,

“For a small marketer, it means they can get [a] creative that is born on the platform, suited to the platform, and that will perform well with the YouTube audience. And for our creators, it means a new revenue opportunity as they grow their business – not to mention more exposure for their own brands.”

While the Marketplace makes finding Smosh or iJustine easier for advertisers finding talent for a 30-second commercial, Singh adds that this program would especially help smaller businesses reach out to the online audience through video advertising.

He said, “Everyone has heard of Justin Bieber and musicians that have gotten their start on YouTube, but we actually have a great culture of entrepreneurship on YouTube, and many businesses have gotten their start here as well. If you’re a boutique shoe designer and don’t have the resources of a huge luxury goods retailer, but still have a great story to tell in video, this marketplace might be a step towards helping get your brand in front of one of the biggest audiences every assembled.”

Finding viral talent for publicity campaigns is nothing new; all the way back in 2007, YouTube star Tay Zonday made a video promoting Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate soda.

The introduction of the Marketplace will only help YouTube creators go from Internet celebrities to mainstream stars. They’re helping big advertisers with their inside knowledge of the vibrant and fascinating world of online video. Although YouTube will take a mostly hands-off approach with this program by not meddling in contracts between stars and advertisers, this incentive will benefit the company through more advertising revenue. This will help the company bring the benefits of good content to more than 1 million independent partners and its 100+ original channels.

More importantly, the introduction of the Marketplace marks the transition of online entertainment as a growing community of loyal, dedicated fans to mainstream prominence.

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