YouTube: 5 tips for being “camera-ready” everyday

NMR has given you tips on how to promote yourself through nearly every avenue available to new media artists, from social media to live events and beyond. This time, we want to tell you how to use your devilish good looks to your advantage when it comes to promoting yourself and your brand.

The idea of being “camera-ready” is old news for independent artists, because they generally do their best work in front of the camera. However, the concept of putting your best face forward extends beyond looking good for videos and into how you present yourself in your day-to-day interactions.

Some experts speculate that non-verbal communication accounts for anywhere between 60-90% of how we are perceived by others, which means that people learn more from your body language and appearance than from your words. This fact is important for new media artists to keep in mind since they are the sole representations of their brands and art.

Because being “camera-ready” is so important, we wanted to give you our list for top 5 tips that will help you convey confidence and attention to detail without even saying a word.

Here are our top 5 tips for the “camera-ready”new media artist:


Wear Makeup: We generally suggest this for the ladies, but do what you feel. Putting on makeup helps you to appear polished and communicates that you have put time into how you look. Putting time into your appearance generally translates to other aspects of a person’s life and conveys a general attention to detail.



Comb Your Hair: Your mother’s advice was right: run a brush through that mop before you head out for the day. This will communicate your desire to present yourself as well-kempt and put-together, which will tell people you meet that you care about yourself and your brand before you even have the chance to verbally express it.




Sit or Stand Up Straight: Posture is key. Standing up straight conveys that you are confident about who you are and what you have to offer. When you hide behind slumped shoulders and a downcast stature, you appear less confident, both personally and professionally. So listen to your mother again and stand up straight!




Smile: Showing some teeth makes you appear confident and approachable. Putting a genuine smile on your face conveys warmth and an eagerness to connect with others. Since making connections is key for advancing your career as a new media artist, exuding charisma and approachability through a simple smile can take you further than you think.




Make Eye-contact: Making eye contact shows your desire to understand and connect with others. It also expresses a strong sense of self confidence and the sense that you see yourself as an intellectual equal to the person you are speaking with. Avoiding or breaking eye contact often conveys a lack of confidence or disinterest, which are two things that will hurt your brand.