YouTube Cats Get Their Own Film Festival [EXCLUSIVE]

For the cat-loving fans that can’t get enough of watching 30-second clips of cats in boxes, there’s a film festival just for that. What was once the domain of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and subscribers of “Cat Fancy” magazine, cat videos on YouTube will be celebrated in the Internet Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 30 as part of Walker Art Center’s Open Field program series.

The film festival will last just one hour and needs your help in finding the best videos for the show. If you’re interested in showcasing your video where your cat is finding ways of fitting in a box, being lazy, or speaking English, you can vote or submit your favorite cat video by clicking here.

Katie Czarniecki Hill, Open Field Program Associate at Walker Art Center and lover of all things cats, told NMR that the film festival has already generated a huge response and will be a community effort to select the dozens of videos for the event.

Czarniecki Hill said:

“We really want this to be about crowd-sourcing from the community—not a curatorial vision—as to best engage with what the people want and really give ownership to all those who are participating and attending.  Now that we’ve received such an enormous response from the public with so many nominations, and many more to come before the nominations close on July 30th, I’ve gathered a team of people – a cat video jury of sorts – to help me screen, tally, and select videos.”

Hill added that it was about time that the likes of Maru and keyboard cat get their deserved attention.

“I think the general response to the festival implies that it was perhaps only a matter of time before someone decided to celebrate the phenomenon of internet cat videos in a public way…why not lol irl at these silly, creative, clever and spontaneous kitteh clips all together?!” she said to NMR. “I’m no expert on internet culture, but perhaps this generally positive reaction to the internet cat video film festival is a sign that people are wanting to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds?”

What are your must-see cat videos? Tell us below:

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