My Damn Channel Brings Bill Murray to YouTube [EXCLUSIVE]

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I heard that Bill Murray, who is currently starring in the Wes Anderson film “Moonrise Kingdom,” was going to have his own show on YouTube very soon. Oh wait, my mistake–it’s not starring Bill Murray, but a comedian obsessed with the veteran comedian that he’s trying to track down.

Mark Malkoff, the comedian that created and stars in the web series “The Bill Murray Show Starring Mark Malkoff,” wants Murray to have dinner with him and his wife and is using each episode to document how he goes about trying to coax the movie legend into his Queens, New York home. The web series will premiere soon on Malkoff’s page on MyDamnChannel.

Malkoff tells NMR:

“I’m hoping Bill Murray agrees to have dinner with me soon or this may be the longest web series in history.”

Of course, if the entire web series was just Malkoff’s desperate appeals for Bill Murray to visit Queens, then it would just be your typical stalker show—and you know how that turns out. No; instead, Malkoff will interview celebrity guests, comedians, Bill Murray fans and others who have had encounters with the legendary actor.

Fans who can’t speak to Malkoff will have a chance to contribute to “The Bill Murray Show” by uploading videos that encourage Murray to meet Malkoff for his dream dinner.

Bizarre, high-concept stunts are typical Malkoff fare. Some of his most famous exploits included visiting all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan, New York within 24 hours, living a week at a New Jersey IKEA and most recently, finding out how many videos he can stream on Netflix in a single month.

With the way things are going and because of the possible fan interaction, I’m hoping this new web series will be a treat for Bill Murray fans and those who like watching and being a part of over-the-top comedic stunts.

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