YouTube Update: New Performance Reports Create More Views

Another week, another YouTube update. As part of their bi-weekly product bulletin campaign, YouTube has recently released a post detailing every relevant and site-altering change for all of you creators out there. This month’s update explains the launch of the creator dashboard as well as the YouTube offsite partner promotion launch in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Mexico. While most of the update doesn’t include any groundbreaking news, there are a few items that are definitely of note and could potentially change how all of you non-music partners rake in that sweet Google cash. Now we know how busy you are setting up live streams and preparing for the first annual online cat video film festival, so we went ahead and highlighted all of the bulletin’s good bits below.

Updated Performance Reports For All Non-Music Partners

Essentially, YouTube is working on rewriting the current partner performance reports to give more accurate details about views and revenue generation. According to the bulletin, they will also be making “general nomenclature improvements,” which is strange because using the word “nomenclature” to describe easier to understand reports is a one step forward, two steps back type of scenario.

In terms of viewing stats, the new reports will now incorporate device and live views into creators’ monthly performance updates. This will allow YouTube talent to accurately see how often their videos are being viewed on mobile devices. There are 1.2 billion mobile users in the world; if you aren’t attracting any of those, maybe it’s time to rethink your YouTube content.

New Channel Template and Merged Tabs

This is a simple but important change. YouTube will merge the video and feed tab into one tab where all of your content will exist. Previously, both tabs served almost identical purposes and only cluttered YouTube’s less than streamlined interface. This is a great update for creators and fans alike as it will make viewing new videos and discovering old content much easier.

The “overview” channel template launching in mid-August will allow creators to catalog and feature content ranging from “uploads” to “favorites.” More options to organize content means that fans will be able to discover and share your content quicker and promises a decrease in your channel’s bounce rate.

Creator Dashboard

In case you haven’t noticed yet, YouTube released a Creator Dashboard back in June that offers a simple overview of recent activity.  According to the update, “With the Creator Dashboard, you’ll see recent uploads, recent comments on your videos, account notifications, high level stats, and announcements about new features.”
In addition, the product update states that YouTube is looking to add more information into the Creator Dashboard and would like to hear feedback or suggestions from partners. You can send your ideas to


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