Top 10 Free Back-to-School Apps That Will Get you Through the Semester

It’s that time of year again! Back to being hunched over a laptop, nose-deep into course books and scavenging for quarters to do your laundry. School is in session, and while everyone else is having a back-to-school sale of some sorts, we’ve compiled a list of completely free apps to hopefully make your upcoming academic year a tad bit easier.

College Packing List

For those of you heading to the dorms for the first time or moving into a new apartment, there are a ton of things you’ll need to survive your living quarters that you probably wouldn’t think of without your mom (such as a mini sewing kit). College Packing List is a to-do list app that provides a default list of all the school-related items you’ll need along with the ability to customize each list to your liking.



Come on, if you’re not using Dropbox yet, you’re really falling behind! Dropbox is pretty much your personal free-floating cyberspace USB drive where you can store your documents, PDFs, music, photos, cheat lecture notes…anything you want!



Wi-Fi- Finder

Wi-Fi is the nectar of the modern everyday student! This is the fuel that powers our ability to find information, food, entertainment, our location and everything else! This app does exactly what its name says: it finds free available Wi-Fi relative to your iPhone’s location.




Our friend Aaron Lynn of Asian Efficiency is a big advocate of this note-syncing app. This is the mobile version of Evernote and will will help you keep track of all your notes, to-do and task lists, voice memos and other essentials across various platforms.



Waze social GPS traffic & gas

If you’re in a new town for school, chances are that you will get lost and that you will be running late. Hands down, Waze is the best free GPS that gives you turn-by-turn navigation, routes that avoid traffic and the ability to find nearby cheap gas.

Complete dictionary and thesaurus in the palm of your hands. Need I say more?





When you’re given a topic or subject for your term papers and reports, Wikipedia is the first place you’ll look for references (don’t lie; you know you do). Wikipanion is better than just pulling up the actual website on your phone because it offers the exact same information, but at an easier and faster pace.



iStudiez Lite

iStudiez is a great management tool and digital version of that notebook planner thing we used to carry around.  This app keeps track of your class schedule (even accounting for block rotation), notifies you when homework is due, and organizes your extracurriculars.



Free Graphing Calculator

Starting from sophomore year in high school and on, I had to carry one of those Texas Instruments TI-83/84/89 bulky graphing calculators. Though I don’t recommend replacing the giant calculator beast completely, the iPhone Graphing Calculator is a handy tool to have on the side in the event that you forget to bring your TI-83 to math class one day.



Flashcards +

Our last app recommendation for school is Flashcards +. Flashcards have always been an easy way to quiz ourselves over vocabulary words, equations, facts, etc. My only thing against them as a study tool is that you have to constantly run to and from the store to buy blank index cards and write all over them. With Flashcards +, you can have your study materials readily available and save trees while doing it. A bonus is that this app has built-in study decks in 22 different languages to help with your pronunciation.