2012 London Olympics On YouTube: Belly Flops, Crip Walks & Stiff Competition

Making fun of the 2012 London Olympics is in many ways too easy. Sports like trampoline, judo, and sailing feel suspiciously made up. It also seems pretty obvious that the men’s U.S. basketball team is eerily similar to the Harlem Globetrotters, which makes the Washington Generals, well, the rest of the world. As much as we hate to admit it, The Olympics are a hot bed for everything that could go wrong during a sporting event. You put enough people on diving boards and someone is going to belly flop. You put rowers in spandex shorts, and yeah, you are probably going to see some boners.

As The Olympics come closer to the end, it is important to remember those moments that left us inspired with a fire burning in our hearts.

Stephan Feck Diving Fail

Olympic Rower Henrik Rummel’s Insane Boner

Serena William’s Crip Walk

Ryan Lochte Is Terrible At Interviews

Olympic Gold Medalist Ivan Ukhov’s Drunk High Jump

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