5 Reasons Why YouTube Is The New Joint For Food Reviews

Reading Yelp reviews or any other food reviews can sometimes be a pain. It’s not that they lack information — quite the contrary. The days when a 500-word treatise on the food choices at The Counter would entice people to eat there are slowly fading away. Okay, a food review can be informative if it’s written well, but won’t make you get out there and eat it right now. On the other hand, some YouTube users have made it their mission to stuff themselves silly while hilariously vlogging about it. It’s no wonder vloggers like Daym Drops and The Food Reviewer seem to attract a lot of viewers who need to decide whether Carl’s Jr.’s Amazing Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger is really that amazing. Here are a few reason why fast food reviews on YouTube are successful:

They’re In Your Face

If there is one person who can turn a lowly chocolate bar into something regal, it has to be Daym Drops. The infamous food reviewer known for his epic description of a Five Guys meal always feels the need to put the food right in front of the camera for all to see. Watch Daym Drops devour these thin mint bites to the Superman theme.

They’re Very Passionate

The most successful YouTube food reviewers have one thing in common: they’re passionate. Sure, you can read a food review on a blog or a website, but can you really understand how excited, confused or disgusted they are about what they’re eating unless you see it on the screen? I felt more compelled to eat some burgers after watching Daym Drops describe the awesomeness of the Five Guys double cheeseburger, more than if I had read someone’s blog post on it.

They’re Detailed

Although he’s not as super stoked about everything he reviews, the Food Reviewer — like many YouTube food reviewers — gives us the play-by-play on what he’s eating. For instance, we get to watch the Food Reviewer devour, cough and then describe how spicy Burger King’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is. Good news: it’s a winner, though he wished they’d put more hot sauce. More is always better.

They Can Be Remixed

Since Daym Drops’s epic review of Five Guys burgers gained traction, the guys known for auto-tuning Charlie Sheen and Antoine Dodson selected him for a song in which he sings, “This is how bacon is supposed to be/The fries/They blend so perfectly.” Tell me, how many Yelp reviews do you know of that have been turned into iTunes singles?

They’re Visually Informative

On a more serious note, there are quite a few food reviewers whose schtick is not just hilariously praising everything KFC or McDonald’s, but rather informing viewers about better food choices. YouTuber Bryan Marcel uses video as a way for viewers to find out how to eat healthy at a fast food joint. Remember, the Big Mac sauce has ingredients you can find in radiator fluid! You’ve been warned.

While YouTube makes food reviews more fascinating, I wish YouTube creators would go beyond the latest servings from McDonald’s and create more reviews about trendy, diverse restaurants in their area; man cannot live off of YouTube food reviews from McDonald’s alone. Now excuse me as I run to the nearest Five Guys and get myself a double cheeseburger with extra, extra bacon. Yummy!