6 YouTube Fitness Channels to Pump, Shred, Tighten and Tone

While the next Summer Olympics won’t happen until 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, it’s never too early to go for the gold when it comes to your fitness on YouTube.



Dubbed “The Home Workout Movement,” Canadian channel Bodyrock seeks to keep you fit without spending time at the gym or money on heavy equipment. It’s less techno music than you hear from those fitness DVDs and more focus on getting a total workout. Half a million subscribers can’t be wrong, as these intense workouts will push you to fulfill your potential based on whatever your level. If you need a reminder, the Bodyrock.tv website has all the technical info for every workout, including repetitions and a breakdown of how the workout works.


eHow Sports

Is the gym not your thing but you like to keep active? eHow Sports has tips and tricks for popular sports like football and even more intriguing sports like cricket. It even has videos for budding coaches wanting to teach a junior sports team or dealing with sports injuries. In addition to dishing out tips, eHow Sports has debuted a series of profiles of competing Olympians as part of its 2012 Olympic coverage.


Blogilates & BlogilatesTV

If you want to work more definition in to your body and listen to catchy pop hits at the same time, don’t forget to check out Blogilates. This YouTube channel featuring Cassey Ho teaching pilates to the sound of today’s Top 40 hits has over 14 million channel views. The Blogilates network (a portmanteau of “blog” and “pilates”) is made up of two channels: one that focuses on fitness and exercise and another that answers questions from the community on workout tips and features a vlog featuring Ho. She takes the Blogilates following beyond her YouTube channels and has a strong presence on Facebook, where she posts questions to her followers about nutrition and fashion and give updates about her life.


Tone It Up!

With over 11 million views on their YouTube channel, sun-kissed beauties (and certified fitness instructors) Karena and Katrina have built a community of enthusiasts looking to get toned while soaking up the rays of the sun. You’re not going to be seeing a lot of their videos in a drab, sparse studio;  it’s all sun, sun, sun. The channel is a mix of workout tops and vlogs by the duo from sunny destinations. They’ve even caught the attention of the queen of exercise videos, Jane Fonda, who called the duo the “new faces of fitness.” Not only are these ladies keeping millions of women toned, fit and healthy, they also have some goodies at their merch store from printed tank tops to lunch bags.


Flexdem TV

If you’re focused on getting pumped and building strength, the guys at Flexdem bodybuilding gym wear have a wide variety of YouTube videos that focus on many exercises using either free weights or machines. The channel makes it easier for the novice bodybuilder or the soon-to-be-expert to gain knowledge through its different playlists featuring professional bodybuilders male and female. If you can stand awful drum and bass music, you can learn techniques on improving your arm strength through their “30 Minute Arm Blast” video or how to set up your home gym without paying for that pesky membership.


Six Pack Shortcuts

When you put “six pack” and “shortcuts” in the same sentence, you know that anyone and everyone will flock to know what your secret is. That’s what Mike Chang’s doing with his workout channel, and he claims that he went from fab to flab through his simple tips. Although he’s not giving away the store with his YouTube channel, Chang’s tips have so far garnered him nearly 600,000 subscribers and more than 114 million views.

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