8 Useful YouTube Back-To-School Survival Videos

You’re reading a 10-page syllabus for your physics class and are worrying about getting an A. That means one thing — school is in session again.

Fortunately, we at NMR have found these five useful YouTube videos that will try to get you through the school year.

Waking Up Early

The very first thing you do every day (college is no exception) is waking up. However, if your ideal schedule didn’t pan out, and you’ve got a handful of early morning classes, how do you get the motivation to wake up early? All you need is a schedule, an annoying alarm and a good friend who’ll give you a wake up call. Check this video from Howcast to see their game plan.

Planning Your Schedule

Okay, so you’ve managed to wake up for class, but how do you balance your school life with your social life? It’s a habit you’ll need to learn throughout your life because those days of reading books and shooting beer pong will be over before you know it. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame says in this YouTube clip that planning your schedule should always take precedent; the earlier you plan your schedule, the less frustrated you feel the next morning.

Getting Free Money From Your Parents

Behind on last month’s rent because you paid for that week zero basher? Asking your parents for money can get embarrassing, but the guys at Howcast will teach you the right way of asking for a few dollars more. If that’s the difference between staying with your roommates and getting evicted, then stop, look and listen.

Surviving On Ramen

In these tough times, college students are pinching as many pennies as they can, so the often-cited stereotype of the ramen-eating co-ed rings as true as ever. Fortunately, you can make that bland ramen into a culinary delight. Check this video about adding a few inexpensive ingredients like eggs and spinach to your Sapporo Ichiban, and voila — no more dealing with just noodles and MSG-laden soup!

Dressing Well For Class

Always making a first impression last is important, even in the lecture hall. One of the great things about YouTube is that thousands of aspiring fashionistas, makeup artists and celebrities make themselves home there. Here’s YouTube user Skindeepbeautytips dishing out her back-to-school fashion tips.

Cleaning Up Your Dorm Room

Some students are so focused on getting good grades that they sometimes forget about their surroundings. Don’t you just wish that cleaning a dorm could be easy? Ann Myrick from eHow simplifies the dreaded dorm room cleaning chore in a two-and-a-half minute YouTube clip.

Excelling In Exams

More than anything, preparing for exams has to be the most awful part of the college experience. If you had the opportunity to (ahem) excel in your exams, would you? Well, YouTuber dvvblog has a solution for your studying problems. Hint: Get some rubber bands.

Relieving That College Stress

Are exams worrying you all night, or is that sodium in your ramen raising your blood pressure? This video can help. Play. Listen. Relax, and repeat. That should do it.

If you feel that this list isn’t enough and want to give your two cents, feel free to comment below.

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