Alloy Digital’s ClevverTV YouTube Channel Joins Smosh in 1 Billion View Club

When YouTube network Alloy Digital absorbed the YouTube channels of Clevver Media earlier this year, I wrote, “With Alloy Digital becoming the leading YouTube entertainment provider, it’s now clear that the market for independent creators is almost nonexistent.” Being an independent creator on YouTube is quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially in light of the popularity that network-represented YouTube channels are gaining. ClevverTV, which is just one of seven channels under the Clevver Media umbrella, has recently joined the elite group of channels that have reached over 1 billion views.

The ClevverTV YouTube channel is one of the Internet’s primary sources for entertainment news ranging from music to television. Now that Alloy Digital represents two YouTube channels that have surpassed 1 billion views (Smosh, ClevverTV) it is becoming increasingly apparent that some YouTube channels can benefit greatly from signing to a network.

Clevver Media has received a combined 200 million views since joining Alloy Digital two months ago, making it one of the top-15 most-viewed producers on YouTube. ClevverTV’s billion-view milestone is a testament to the power and resources that a major network like Alloy Digital can bring to any independent YouTube channel.

The remaining six Clevver Media channels, including ClevverNews and ClevverGames, are far from the 1 billion-view mark but have also steadily climbed in view numbers since the Alloy Digital purchase.

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