BREAKING NEWS: YouTube Disables Tags to the Public

The Official YTCreators Twitter account just tweeted out that they have made tags private and thus visible only to the uploader. While this might not sound important on the surface, it’s actually a huge change that will make YouTube better down the line. The Google team recently announced changes to their algorithm to improve search quality, and now it looks like it’s YouTube’s turn. With that being said, here are 3 key ways this important change will affect the creators community.

1. Decrease the amount of individuals abusing the algorithm

Aside from being a form of organization, the biggest value of tagging was its potential to drive high volumes of organic views when done properly. While there are many ethical ways to conduct proper keyword research, there have of course been individuals that have found ways to abuse the system. A great example of this would be The Reply Girls controversy; one of the ways they were able to manipulate the YouTube Algorithm (aside from the obvious) was that they would copy the tags of a recently uploaded popular video and paste it on their own video. This would increase their chances of getting listed in the recommended videos section of the initial video. So, hypothetically speaking, I could make the worst video in the world and still manage to garner some views from simply copying other people’s tags.

2. Creators will have to do more work when it comes to finding proper tags for new videos

Let’s say I was trying to do a parody for Ryan Higa’s “Bromance” music video. Before, I could simply go to the original video, copy all the tags he used, and paste it on my parody video. This would be an easy way to increase my chances of getting on the recommended list, which would potentially help drive targeted views to my video. Now, with that information all private, I would have to spend a bit more time figuring out proper tags for my video — or I could just read this amazingly helpful article that includes how to do proper keyword research on YouTube.

3. It helps ensure that only quality content will flourish on YouTube

While this change may suck for someone coming from a marketing standpoint like me, this change definitely helps even the playing field in the YouTube community. Creators looking for an easy way to get views will be forced to focus more on developing quality content, which will improve YouTube in the long run.

With that being said — well done, YouTube!

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