Creator Network Nirvana Digital On The Future Of Indian YouTube Partners

Digital networks were born only within the past few years. As YouTube and web celebrities began making not only money but also careers from their efforts, the need for digital representation became apparent. The YouTube community, which began as an independent place for one-shot videos, quickly became a global marketplace for a new wave of entertainers. Of course, these entertainers needed to know that they were being taken care of in a way that represented their best interests. This, as we know, started the rise of the digital video network.

The majority of digital networks are based in the United States. Many of the top represented YouTube talents are from the U.S. as well. Studios like Maker, Big Frame, and Fullscreen all run operations out of the U.S. and represent YouTube talent like RayWilliamJohnson, MysteryGuitarMan and Dave Days.

Although many of the most popular YouTubers and networks are from the United States, new studios are popping up all around the globe to help burgeoning international creators. Nirvana Digital is India’s first YouTube talent network. Representing over 40 channels and creators, Nirvana Digital has become the source of every type of YouTube entertainment coming out of India. Nirvana Digital represents channels like the popular Bolly2Box, Eagle Films, and BohVision.

We caught up with the founder of Nirvana Digital, Pinakin Thankkar, to talk about, among other things, what makes Indian YouTube channels unique and what types of video content do best in India.

When it comes to YouTube videos coming out of India, what type of content do you see the most? Music, comedy, vlogging?

We are seeing a lot of music, Bollywood-related news and gossip, and comedy clips coming from the Indian market. Besides this, filmmakers and smaller studios are approaching us to monetize their films and TV shows from the Indian subcontinent.

Are you working with any popular Indian YouTube celebrities with your Content Creators Network?

Since the content creators space is fairly new for the Indian market, we are still nurturing a few brands that should explode in popularity in the near future. Some examples below:

Bohemia – Punjabi Hip Hop Music
Devika – Contemporary Indian Music

Are there any Indian YouTube stars that you would be very excited to work with?

Since this is a nascent market, we are looking for people who have ideas on original content that fits the demographic that we are targeting. We are offering a platform to these creators to produce and begin driving traffic and earning revenue from this produced content.

How do you think the YouTube content coming out of India is different from that of the United States and the U.K.?

Currently, content coming out of India is skewed towards feature film and TV show content. We aim to change that and empower creators to help them create brands and revenue streams from new content.

What can content creators expect to get out of signing up with Nirvana Digital?

Infrastructure such as studio space, green screens, high end HD cameras, editors, video optimisers and taggers for creation and distribution of new content for users who may not have access to this. Video, tag and channel optimization for users who have existing YouTube channels and want to grow their views and monetization.Traffic from our existing Network of 350 million views to these new videos to get them additional exposure and views. Immediate monetization of video views

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