Dailymotion Unveils New Interactive Layouts and User Customization

Dailymotion, a video streaming site largely popular in Europe but that has a growing presence in the United States, unveiled its new layouts this week. They feature some Pinterest and Facebook-like elements for a more interactive experience.

The world’s second largest video streaming site lets users choose between two different layouts: one has an added feed-style option that constantly updates its featured and viral videos on your homepage; the other is a mosaic-style interface reminiscent of Pinterest that features interesting videos in a scrapbook-like layout.

Layout 1

Roland Hamilton, Dailymotion’s U.S. Managing Director, explained to NMR the changes:

“Less navigation requires fewer pages to be loaded, and the infinite scrolling feature allows viewers to discover more content without navigating away from the homepage.”

While its cosmetic features make Dailymotion more social network-like, what makes the site’s new layouts stand out from more prominent video stream sites in the United States like YouTube and Vimeo is that you can play videos on your front page without being directed to the video page. You can sample as many videos as you like without leaving the front page, though the new function currently only allow one video to play at a time.

Hamilton adds:

“Users can select which categories or genres of content they would like to see populate their homepage, browse through selected content in either mode and watch the videos with limited advertising and no interruption to navigate to a separate page. It improves the user’s enjoyment of content, allows them to preview a video without losing the current list of videos they’ve chosen to explore and hopefully will increase overall viewership for each viewer’s visit to the site.”

This new function, however, only applies to Dailymotion’s front page. If you’re searching for a specific video, then you’ll be directed to the video page once you click on the results.

Layout 2

Other changes made by Dailymotion include removing in-stream advertising from the homepage and user customization based on their personal homepage preferences, habits and trends. Creators and users of Dailymotion will benefit from a more interactive and organized interface so that they can present and watch their videos on the front page instantly. Creators not on the Dailymotion platform will have more reason to join thanks to the site’s breakthrough layout.

Now that Dailymotion has drastically changed its layout to reflect a more social media-like, interactive experience, YouTube and other streaming video sites may find it to their benefit to trend towards similar models as convenience and tastes change as well.

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