David Choi & Clara C Touch Down with NMR on their 2012 Fall Tour Kickstarter Campaign

Imagine two independent musicians cruising in a top-down convertible down a Route-66-esque road to get to an airplane graveyard where they may frolic and sing on the edge of airplane wings in dozens of fashion options. Sound like an adventure? Now let’s add a 19-stop cross country tour to the mix and have this musical crusade funded by the internet.

Thanks to Kickstarter, independent artists and their fans have a platform to raise the funds needed to share their craft to the masses without a monster label backing them. We caught up with David Choi and Clara C to talk to them about their recent success of raising over $20,000 on their 2012 Fall Tour Kickstarter Campaign:

Did you guys expect to go beyond your $18,000 goal on Kickstarter?

David Choi: Not at all! I keep my expectations low so I’m never disappointed!

As part of your Kickstarter campaign, you promised your fans an unreleased duet. Given that songs, lyrics and melodies don’t fall from the sky, what was the songwriting process like? Were you two writing with Kickstarter donors in mind?

Clara Chung: The songwriting process was really smooth! Maybe it’s because we’re already friends or we just have that creative synergy, but David and I finished the entire song in just a few hours.

David: We wrote a song that we both liked and not for the sake of Kickstarter. It actually gave us an opportunity and a reason to work together. I think it’s a great song, and we both had fun writing it!

Once the song was done, did you jump right into production for the music video?

Clara: We shot the music video just days after having written and recorded the song. It all happened very fast but I prefer to blast through projects and keep that exciting momentum.

David: Yes, because we were on a time crunch haha! It all came together though. Those are usually the best songs!

Both of you have outstandingly unique music videos that always seem to push boundaries and are unafraid to try new things online. How involved were you for this music video?

Clara: We were both extremely involved in the entire thing from start to finish. We turned to Director Dan Fisher to run the entire operation, but the idea was one we all agreed on together.

David: The music video process was tough, but we made it through and just look at it…it’s awesome. Dan Fisher also did a great job directing and editing it, and of course, the entire crew made it possible. It’s a team effort! Go team!

Where did the idea for jump cutting to different outfits and using an airplane graveyard come from?

Clara: Never hurts to show that you’ve got some style ;). We also wanted to showcase some of the super fresh clothing from Yesstyle.com who are good friends to both of us. I saw pictures of an airplane boneyard and got extremely excited. Dan Fisher (director) said that it wasn’t something we couldn’t obtain, so we did the work and got the location! It’s by far the coolest place I’ve ever shot at.

David: Dan Fisher.

Both of you are very familiar with touring. What are some things you’re looking forward to? Can fans expect anything different?

Clara: Yes, we’re both veterans of touring. The two things that always excite me on tour are people and food. I’m a huge foodie and love trying out amazing new restaurants all over. Having toured internationally, I could write a book on all the food journeys I’ve been on, from eating things like live octopus and stingray to different restaurant experiences where the servers are intentionally rude to you or where all strangers have to eat at one table together. It’s a lot of fun! Most importantly, I love meeting the people. Whether I’m interacting with them as Clara and audience or face to face at a meet and greet, it’s a great feeling to get to know your supporters. It reminds me that what I do actually has an impact on people, and hearing what they have to say and how my music has changed or influenced them is the biggest encouragement of all. Not to state the obvious, but of course, I love playing my music. Me and my boys in the band…we get doooown.

David: This is my first time co-headlining a tour, and I’m looking forward to play for Clara’s fans and having my fans hear the talented Clara! AND, we have an unreleased song we’re going to perform live, so that’s going to be awesome!

Do you guys plan to have any online events or promotions that are happening in conjunction with the tour?

Clara: Why yeeeesss, but we can’t tell you our plans! You’ll just have to stay tuned to our YouTubes and Facebook fan pages!

David: Yep!

Which stop are you most excited to perform at?

Clara: This is one of those children where I feel like I have to pick a favorite child. Truthfully, ALL OF THEM!

David: The cliche, but true answer is all of them. 🙂


Follow Clara and David:

Clara: http://twitter.com/claracmusic
David: http://twitter.com/davidchoimusic
Get their song on iTunes! – http://bit.ly/DarlingItsYou

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