Jon M. Chu Turns to YouTube in Search of the Best Dancers to Tour With Justin Bieber

Calling all dancers! Our friend Jon M. Chu is looking for talented dancers to go on Justin Bieber’s upcoming “Believe” Tour. What’s the best thing about this audition? You can try out for the job in the comfort of your own home – wherever in the world you are

Yesterday morning, Chu tweeted thanking Justin and his manager Scooter Braun for allowing him to change the way they were finding dancers for the tour. He then followed it up with a link to a YouTube video on his new Premium Channel DS2DIO explaining the audition process.


NMR had the pleasure of speaking with Jon about his new campaign:

You mentioned in the video that there are no rules involved. Do you have any personal tips for dancers looking to submit a video?

Jon M. Chu: Just show us your personality. Make sure you have fun, make sure you hashtag it with #BelieveTourAuditions so we know where to find you and add the DS2DIO logo so we know you auditioned. But like I said, this isn’t a contest, there is no winner. We either find someone online or we don’t, so it’s just an opportunity.

With an awesome opportunity like this, you guys are bound to get tons of submissions. With your already busy schedules, how are you and your team going to find time to review all the submission videos before the 17th?

We have a great staff at DS2DIO, people who are part of the Bieber Team, myself and Nick. That is why the earlier you get it in the better.

What was the audition process before the launch of this campaign? What made you turn to YouTube to find talent?

We’ve been doing auditions in LA. We’ve narrowed it down to some people, but we want to see what’s out there too.

This is just a natural extension of what we do anyway. It is also a place that Justin came from himself, so he has a particular affinity for people who aspire and believe and put themselves online.

Do you have anything else to say regarding the audition process in general?

We live in an amazing time and an amazing world. But we’re not bound by the dance studio walls anymore. That means that even auditions can take place on a global level, and we are excited to be a part of that process and discover that talent. It happened to Justin, it can happen to you.

Be sure to watch the video above to get the scoop on how you can audition on YouTube for a chance go on tour with Justin Bieber! Remember that the submission deadline is August 17th at 9pm PST, so you guys better start soon!


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