Faster, Improved YouTube App Hits Xbox 360, but There are Still Complaints

A new and improved YouTube app is now playing at an Xbox 360 console near you.

In a statement published on YouTube’s Google+ page, the site announced that“The YouTube app on Xbox is now up to 5X faster, and includes channels with official music videos.”

If you have an Xbox Gold membership, your update should begin downloading when you turn on the console. For other users, they can download the app through the Xbox Marketplace.

YouTube introduced the Xbox app back in December 2011 as part of its push to go beyond its PC, Mac and laptop base. Like its PS3 counterpart, the Xbox YouTube app lets users sign in through their accounts to watch their subscribed videos, featured videos and recommended videos based on subscriptions and viewing patterns.

In the comments section, users praised the new Xbox app for making their YouTube-viewing experience faster. However, one of the main concerns from Xbox 360 users wanting to watch videos was that some videos seemed out of reach on the console.

Jose Gomez wrote on YouTube’s Google+ wall: “YouTube videos need to play regardless of what device I view it on. Until that happens? The YouTube for Xbox app is partially useless until we have 100% of the content that we can see from a PC.”

This is another important update in YouTube’s expansion outside its core desktop and laptop viewership. In the past couple of weeks, YouTube added new features to its Playstation 3 app, added TrueView skippable advertisements on its mobile site and is rumored to be creating a replacement for its soon-to-be-retired app for the iPhone.

A faster YouTube app is a step in the right direction for the video-streaming site, which understands the growing viewership of online video through television and mobile devices.

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