If You Only Watch One YouTube Video This Year Make It ‘Batman of Shanghai’

There are a lot of sad cynical people with no child-like wonder left in their hearts going around tarnishing the good, nay, great name of Batman/Bruce Wayne. It turns out that these walking husks of people didn’t much care for “The Dark Knight Rises.” These people — also known as the “absolute worst” — are saying a lot of bad things about Gotham’s savior. Yeah, like I said, the worst.

Thankfully, mercifully, you can never keep the Batman down. Every so often, we come across something so ridiculously awesome that we just have to share it. Today’s ridiculously awesome selection has been making the rounds on YouTube since it was aired as one of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation shorts.

“Batman of Shanghai” is just over three minutes of everything that is wonderful about the Batman franchise. It’s got Catwoman. It’s got Bane. It’s got the bat. Wolf Smoke, the same Chinese animation studio that did the highly titillating and badass “Kung Fu Cooking Girls,” produced it. It’s got it all. Watch it, then love it.

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