Is Google’s New Ranking Algorithm Helping or Hurting YouTube Creators?

While Google’s latest algorithm change is sure to have a profound effect on the search ranking of websites, the company claims without further detail that their improved ranking system won’t impact YouTube or Google’s other websites.

Search Engine Land writer Danny Sullivan asked whether YouTube will be treated the same as other websites when it comes to Google’s new changes. A Google rep told Sullivan that the changes won’t demote user-generated content sites like YouTube. One probable reason is that YouTube already has its own methods of dealing with copyright issues.

Still, it doesn’t fully answer whether websites that have videos hosted on YouTube will get demoted when it comes to following up on copyright claims.

This puts creators in an unfortunate position: if their videos on YouTube get complaints, they face a warning or a ban from YouTube. If their website with embedded YouTube videos gets some complaints, they could see their rankings diminished. As copyright complaints are automated on YouTube and Google, instances like what happened to NASA’s YouTube video of their Mars Rover Curiosity celebrations could not only affect their standing on YouTube but may also hurt their search rankings on Google.

In addition to adversely affecting YouTube creators who also have websites, the change may impact YouTube’s competitors when it comes to delivering good, quality content. Sites like DailyMotion and Vimeo could face a deluge of so-called “valid” copyright complaints due to a certain number of videos that escape the copyright filters on these sites. That could mean that creators who have videos on these competitor sites could get their rankings dropped in favor of YouTube content because of YouTube’s internal complaint process. As a result, artists’ incentive to create and upload video content could diminish and make the Internet a more hostile environment for creators because of their fear of the piracy police’s overarching arm.

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