Is YouTube Killing The Radio Star? Nielsen Study Says Teens Pick YouTube Over Radio [INFOGRAPHIC]

First, it was television, and then came MTV. Is YouTube the next medium killing the radio star?


According to a survey of 3,000 consumers by Nielsen, it looks like YouTube is winning the hearts and minds of teenagers when it comes to music listening with 64% of those surveyed saying that they listened to music through the video-sharing site. One driving factor of that figure may be the sheer number of musicians using YouTube and the instant accessibility of music videos by mainstream artists through their record labels’ YouTube channels or VEVO.

As far as discovering new music, radio’s not quite dead yet, as nearly half of those surveyed (48%) found new music through that medium, while only 7% found new music through YouTube. The problem may be that YouTube’s video recommendations just aren’t cutting it when recommending new music content a teen might like based on the music content that they’ve just clicked to watch.

The new study also points out that CDs may becoming increasingly outdated, with more than half (51%) of teenagers stating that they bought a digital download in the last year while only 36% bought a CD in the last year.

Dave Bakula, senior vice president of client development at Nielsen, told NMR that YouTube’s open accessibility make it easier for listeners, especially teenage audiences, to find their song. In return, consumer pay for that free service by paying attention to advertisements placed on the music videos.

He adds: “As long as the content is out there, that’s what the consumer wants. They don’t have to hunt and peek, they can go [to YouTube] and get the music they want. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t grow with other demographic groups as well.”

The results give more reasons for musicians to get on the YouTube bandwagon. Creators who are on YouTube already know that the video-sharing site opens up new opportunities; just look at the successes of musicians like Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance. They can thank YouTube for making their successes a reality.

In addition, having a YouTube presence also opens up another avenue for revenue. Since the report states that younger people aren’t buying as much CD’s as before, it is imperative for musicians to look at other avenues like YouTube, digital music sales and merchandising. Becoming a YouTube Partner in addition to setting up a channel increases a musician’s chances for monetizing their work.

Musicians who are looking for success with a younger crowd should seriously make their YouTube presence a priority. Even fan-made lyric videos can get an artist thousands of views, which could also ultimately mean more fans. YouTube can also help emerging musicians by ramping up its recommended videos program, including setting up a features page dedicated to music. That way, YouTube will become the destination for discovering new bands or local bands with similar sounds.

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