King Of The Web’s Battle Royale Is The Thunder Dome For YouTubers

With the beaten and battered corpses of their enemies behind them, this past year’s King of the Web victors have now entered the brutal gauntlet known only as “Battle Royale.” What’s Battle Royale you ask? If you stopped asking so many questions I would tell you, dear reader. In Battle Royale, every qualifying King of the Web champion will compete against one another in two tiers for a grand prize total of, wait for it, $75,000.  Just imagine the quality all-cat production studio you could start with that many simoleons.

Battle Royale is the culmination of this year’s most successful Kings and Queens of the Web. “The winner, we hope, reflects this new celebrity that is being created on the interwebs, and it should really in many ways reflect the style and personality that you only find on the Web,” said Maggie Finch, CEO and founder of King of The Web.

The competition works like this: basically, from August 1 to August 15 the tier 2 Battle Royale combatants will be facing off in daily battles to determine who will have the most total votes. The tier 1 competition will start August 16 and go through the rest of the month pitting the best competitors against one another for an ample cash prize.

As of August 2, 2012, YouTube gamer Muzzafuzza is dominating the tier 2 leaderboard with 73,492 votes. However, competition is stiff with GhostRobo and beautybaby44 steadily building steam.

I asked Finch whether or not the King of the Web staff is trying to prevent major channels from using their enormous fanbases to control leaderboards to which she responded:

“In our minds what is fair is to not combat that. In democratic fashion, the folks that can effectively campaign and reach out to their fan bases and those with fans who have been inspired and care enough to show up and vote are the ones that deserve to win.“

With so much at stake with Battle Royale, some of the biggest names in gaming, blogging, beauty and comedy are stepping up their game. But who does Finch think has the best chance? Her money seems to be on either gamers or vloggers. “The gamers are always going to be a forced to reckon with. By nature, this is a competitive crew; they don’t hold back. They are also organized and strategic about campaigning and about how they play the game,” Finch explained, adding “But that said, vloggers in many cases have much larger fan bases and don’t need to mobilize as many people in an organized fashion.”

Tune into the competition now at and cast your vote. Who are you rooting for in Battle Royale? Make some noise below.

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