‘Leap Year’ Season Finale & Wilson Cleveland Talks About a Possible Third Season

After nine nail-biting episodes, the season finale of the hit web series “Leap Year” is finally here. In the season finale, the team at C3D throw a launch party to unveil their proprietary technology, “Skype with holograms,” which I am pretty sure is what Princess Leia used to contact Ben Kenobi in “Star Wars.” But, I digress — much like “Star Wars IV: A New Hope,” the season finale of “Leap Year” left the scrappy Silicon Valley startup hopeful, but with a powerful enemy on the horizon.

With the second season ending on a semi-unresolved note, we caught up with the show’s creator Wilson Cleveland to talk about the future of “Leap Year.”

When asked if viewers could look forward to a third season, Cleveland said, “We need to get through this season first, but we’re really hopeful about getting a third season. The show has performed really well, and the audience feedback has been even better than expected. Ultimately, the decision will be made by our clients at Hiscox. They’re really happy with the show, and we love working with them, so if they see value in doing another season, that would be great news.”

With this season of “Leap Year” featuring guests stars like Eliza Dushku, Cleveland has high hopes for potential guest stars for the next season: “We seem to go for scions of Sorkin and Whedon, right? Nathan Fillion would be epic, and I’d love to work with Felicia Day again.”

As for any YouTube celebrities guest starring on the show, Cleveland hopes to feature some classic YouTube comedians. “I love Michael Buckley. He’s a ‘Leap Year’ fan and moderated our VidCon panel. I’m also a big KassemG fan. We tried to get him on this season, but the guy has a bazillion projects going, so the scheduling didn’t work. We’ll see!”

You can check out the season finale of “Leap Year” below. What did you think of “Leap Year” season 2? Make some noise below.

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