Machinima Reveals Madcap Trailer for ‘Seven Psychopaths’ [EXCLUSIVE]

First off, a warning to any dog-loving readers out there: if you like Shih Tzus, read no further. L.S.H.I.D.M.T.A.M.S.F.O (Laughing so hard I dropped my taco and my sombrero), I am only joking! Machinima has been kind enough to let NMR in on the galactic-wide trailer reveal for the new comedy film, “Seven Psychopaths.”

Oh, never heard of this film before? Let’s skip the BS and start with the name dropping: Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, and wait for it….Tom Waits (goddamn, I am one funny carbon-based individual or what!) If that isn’t enough star power for you, you can find some more here.

With a director like Mike McDonagh, this is most definitely a cinema experience not to be missed. No, I will not regurgitate a synopsis for you; just check out the trailer right here:

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