Machinima’s “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” BTS Look at ‘Shooting the Warthog Chase’

Whoa. Machinima is going for it, and by going for it, I mean they are droppin’ gear and kicking it into turbo drive with a sneak peak of the highly anticipated web series “Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.” Do you like chase scenes? Are you a fan of “Bullitt” or [insert another movie with a famous chase scene here]?

Well, then you’re in luck, because the newest “Halo” sneak peak is all about the chase — with the Warthog vehicle that is. See how they film an amazing chase scene, and the technology behind it. With use of stunt men and Russian Arms, you… wait, you have no idea what a Russian Arm is do you? Well, pop a fresh mint in you mouth and go back to film school because today’s “Halo” sneak peek has got your entire action-packed film lingo covered.

Just stop reading these eloquently chosen words quietly in your head and watch the video already! Jeez, I even embedded it for you, because here at NMR we are all about reader satisfaction. Enjoy: