NMR Takes Photos With Facebook Camera 1.1 [REVIEW]

Greetings, fellow cell phone photographers! The Facebook mobile team has been updating our beloved apps to remind us that we have friends and that they care about us. The most recent update is to Facebook’s Camera app. As an avid cell phone photographer (follow me on instagram @mellylee_), I was repulsed by Facebook’s first attempt at diving into mobile photography. For me, it appeared as if a large company was eating up surrounding smaller companies that had something unique and special going for them. And to be frank with you, when I heard about the most recent updates with Facebook’s camera app, I really wanted to throw the app out of the window.

Wait, Zuckerberg! Don’t banish me from your virtual empire yet! After sitting down and playing with version 1.1 of Facebook Camera, I actually don’t have many bad things to say. It appears Facebook has been listening to its users and have made a lot of improvements to the app. Here’s my takeaway:


It’s easy, and everything loads a lot faster than before! The moment I open the camera, I’m taken to an Instagram-like feed of photos from my friends. There, I’m free to like and comment on them. Additionally, a nice little touch I found was the ability to scroll left and right through photos within an album.

Liking Things

Facebook is working hard to keep the social experience across multiple platforms feeling cohesive. Just like the desktop version of the website, I can go on a rapid-fire liking spree. “Likes” and “Comments” are available for many things now like individual comments, albums, and posts with multiple photos. Also, there’s a new feature that allows me to see the full name and profile picture for everyone who is liking my photos, letting me know exactly who my biggest photo admirers are.

Batch Posting

Say you want to share a bunch of photos all at once. Now you can do that! Just tap, tap, tap on multiple images to select them and upload. They’ve also added (finally!) the ability to choose an old album to add the images to or create a new album. Before, everything was defaulted to the “Mobile Uploads.”



Why, oh why, do you need to know where I am Facebook? This is my main turn-off to the app. In order for a user to do anything related with publishing photos, you have to enable Location Services. As much as I like sharing my life with the world, I’d like some privacy, please.

Overall, Facebook is improving the way we experience photos among our friends. It’s not trying to become the next best photo-editing software; rather, the company is trying to improve the way we go about and experience photo-sharing.