Partners Can Now Use Their Google+ Identities In Place Of YouTube Usernames

Hey B0nrJamZ69, are you embarrassed of that YouTube username you created back in the ninth grade? Well, good, you should be. Luckily, it seems that YouTube is conscious of all the KawaiiKitten666’s and Vap0ris3r420’s out there.

Back in June, YouTube announced that they were allowing new and non-partner users to opt into replacing their username with a Google+ identity. While this announcement was met with overall mixed reactions, it still left existing YouTube partners with their old embarrassing usernames.

A partner’s public identity is one of the most important aspects of a successful career on YouTube or any new media format. If you are introducing yourself with your full name in your videos, that full name will be what people are going to search for. The same applies for matching Twitter and Facebook handles. Consistency is key when branding your channels; the last thing you want is for people to know you by two different aliases.

In a YouTube blog post, the video-sharing moguls announced that they were opening up the ability for partners to use their Google+ identity in place of a YouTube username. This means that all of you partners out there who struck YouTube gold on accident can finally shake off that cringe-inducing username.

Now, you can blend your Google+ identity with your YouTube identity easily. Taking advantage of this new option will allow your audience to better connect with you if you have different names across different social media platforms.

Unfortunately, for channels that are represented as companies and not people, YouTube’s new option is not yet available. So if you have a Google+ page instead of a Google+ identity, you’ll still be stuck with that awful username. However, expect to see YouTube rolling out an identity swap option for Google+ pages in the near future.

To start using your Google+ identity in place of your old YouTube username, head to the advanced setting section of your account settings and click on “Begin using my full name on YouTube.” And just like that you’re reborn.