Philip DeFranco Gets Political On The YouTube Election Hub Channel

The myth of young men and women being notorious non-voters is rapidly being debunked. In fact, 22% of all eligible voters are between 18 and 29 years old. While that age demographic doesn’t make up the majority of American voters, it does prove that Gen Y is becoming much more interested in the political process.

The YouTube Election Hub is yet another step towards attracting young voters to the November election. The YouTube channel is a one-stop destination for all things political from now until November 6. Included in the YouTube Election Hub will be live speeches from Republican and Democratic conventions, election analysis and Google+ Hangouts with political experts.

Annie Baxter, a public relations representative for YouTube told NMR:

“We believe that making political news and information more accessible to people and more useful and easier to understand improves the political process.”

The YouTube Election Hub will also offer reporting from organizations such as ABC News, The New York Times and celebrity YouTuber Phil DeFranco.

“Having awesome partners like Philip DeFranco involved will attract younger viewers and he will have a really fresh take on politics,” Baxter said in regards to YouTube’s decision to include DeFranco in the channel.

The YouTube Election Hub will also feature comprehensive coverage from unconventional sources like BuzzFeed, who recently uploaded a video of Paul Ryan painfully recycling the same joke in no less than ten speeches. “We wanted to put together a fresh collection of voices that could bring something different to the hub,” commented Baxter on YouTube’s wide-ranging collection of election hub contributors.

It is YouTube’s hope that the hub will give visitors a well-rounded understanding of the presidential election. Baxter added, “One of the things that YouTube offers is multiple perspectives on a story so we wanted to make sure that this hub was true to that.”


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