Put Your Paws Together For Our First Annual Cat Video Film Festival Predictions

The nominees are in, and the votes are being tabbyed for the first (and hopefully not last) annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival. The festival, taking place at the prestigious Walker Open Field in Minneapolis has turned out to be a tail of internet video classics contending for the esteemed Golden Kitty award. I know what you are thinking:“You gotta be kitten me, I don’t live in Minneapolis! Meow am I supposed to vote?” No need to get so Angora, cat fans; it turns out you can vote for the Best of Show cat video on Twitter using #catvidfest. The Internet Cat Video Film Festival begins August 30th, so catnip those votes in the bud before times run out.

NMR’s Matthew Manarino has spent the last month studying the nominees and is finally ready to make his Cat Video Film Festival purrdictions.

Best In Show: “NONONONO Cat”

Contender: “Cat mom hugs baby kitten”

For years now, “NONONONO Cat” has exemplified the art of internet cat videos. “NONONONO Cat” doesn’t attempt to dazzle audiences with the visual effect-heavy content found in videos like “Nyan Cat” and does not suffer from the obvious pretension plaguing videos like “Henri 2, Paw de Deux.” “NONONONO Cat” is the internet cat video to beat.

Best Direction: “Dubstep Cat”

Contender: “The two talking cats”

Strong direction in an internet cat film is a hard thing to find. “Dubstep Cat” showcases a director’s ability to combine a new genre of music and digital entertainment together for a YouTube experience unlike any other. This is an internet cat video that looks towards the future while also paying tribute to classic editing techniques.

Best Foreign Film: “(Maru)”

Contender: “Henri 2, Paw de Deux”

Maru is arguably the biggest cat celebrity on the planet. However, don’t let the star power of this cat video take away from the brilliance of “(Maru).” The simple act of Maru diving again and again into boxes acts as a powerful metaphor for Japan’s troubled war on organized crime.


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