‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ Tumblr: ‘They Have More Money than You and This is What They Do’ [INTERVIEW]

Riding Bugattis to Starbucks, buying multiple Louis Vuitton purses in a single day and drinking Dom Perignon aren’t normal activities that the average American teenager pursues. However, if you’re born in the one percent, anything is possible, and the 99 percent are really jealous of you.

The “Rich Kids of Instagram” Tumblr only magnifies the 99 percent’s jealousy by shoving all their wealth in your faces. The motto says it all: “They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

Although you’ve got a Hilton and a Trump in the mix, the Tumblr’s main targets are the relatively unknown offspring of wealthy businessmen and financiers. For instance, one photo by Tom Ierna on the Tumblr showed his $9,000 gold-plated AK-47. With that gold lining, he sure isn’t shooting things just yet.

Other Instagram photos featured on the site are not so creative. There are quite a few people flashing receipts from nightclubs with a six-figure tab.

Since its debut July 13, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” has soared in popularity mostly through a mix of jealousy and wondering how the one percent lives.

In an email conversation with NMR, the mysterious people involved in the Tumblr were tight-lipped about its origins, claiming a “few glasses of wine and some misspelled Instagram searches” led to its creation. However, they did not expect it to blow up as it did.

Rich Kids told NMR:

“I don’t think anyone can forecast when something goes supernova.”

Why are people so fascinated with the the rich kids’ photos featured on their Tumblr? RKOI had a simple answer: “Because it’s indulgent.”

Most of the reactions have been highly critical. For instance, Tumblr user stillgonnaeatit sarcastically quipped: “I love following rich kids of instagram. What gold-enameled doucheballs!!”

A few of the “Rich Kids” have requested that their photos be removed and have removed the offending images from their own Instagrams. It has even been a security risk for Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, whose daughter had some Instagram photos on the site. Her social media accounts were mothballed later as those photos showed too many family secrets. RKOI told NMR that they do take down photos if requested.

Though the blog faces a strong backlash for promoting such extravagant wealth and entitlement, CNN reported that some of these “Rich Kids” are probably next in line for a Kardashian-esque reality series.

As for RKOI, they said they have one thing going for them in the future:

“Open a diamond mine.”

Whether the RKOI diamond mine or some reality shows will materialize remains up in the air. One thing’s for sure: the one percent kids sure know how to make Tumblr 99 percent funnier and more jealous.

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