‘Sausages!’ Terry Crews Makes ‘Muscle Music’ in New Old Spice Interactive Vimeo Video

Before the smooth-talking, toned man walking through different scenes told other men that they can be “the man your man could smell like,” it was a loud, muscular man named Terry Crews that dominated Old Spice with his hilarious, quirky Tim-and-Eric-directed pieces. Talking abdominals? Check. Explosions? Certainly.

Now, Old Spice is bringing back Terry Crews, and he’s more bad-ass than ever with their latest interactive commercial, “Muscle Music,” featured on Vimeo. Using electrical pads attached to his muscles and flexing his huge biceps, Crews blasts random, eccentric sounds as he yells non-sequiturs like “Muscles!”, “Danger Zone!” and “Sausages!” If you thought that was epic, wait till you see what’s next in the video.

The great thing about the video is after Crews has his fun playing with flaming saxophones and  drums, you, the user, get to play and record your own video right after he tells you to “DO IIIITTTT!”

Why Vimeo? A spokesman from Vimeo explained to NMR their relationship with W+K, the agency that commissioned Old Spice’s “Muscle Music” interactive video:

“Vimeo’s approach to advertising is as unique as the platform itself, therefore when W+K approached us about this innovative campaign we were all over it.  Being able to collaborate with WK the entire way through the creative process was a great experience and one that we plan on embarking upon with advertisers in the future.”

I played around with “Muscle Music” and had a lot of fun. Even though I had trouble figuring out which buttons were which, the fun thing about these interactive videos is finding out what works and what doesn’t work. While I’m no musician, you can hear my own remix below.

Vimeo has raised the bar in their hosting of this interactive video because along with supporting the geniuses behind the viral Old Spice commercials, they’re also asking everyone to join in, watch Crews flex his muscles in musical form and play along.


What do you think of the new Old Spice interactive video?

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