Sex, Drugs, & Promoted Posts: Boo The Dog’s Facebook Scandal!!!

Here is a bombshell for you: Lovable pet and notorious Lothario Boo “The Cutest Dog In The World” has been accused of receiving preferential treatment from Facebook, the network that shot him into the celebrity stratosphere. Various legitimate sources have confirmed that Boo’s owner is — brace yourself — an employee at Facebook. Please take a moment to sweep up the shattered glass from the wine glass you just dropped on the floor. I can wait.

Boo (pictured below), has amassed close to 5 million likes on Facebook in addition to a book detailing the pup’s life titled “Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog.” Many are now accusing the little snuggle-face of using his connections at Facebook to leverage popularity on the social media site. Ah, my broken heart.

Mike Isaac of AllThings D broke the scandal after the identity of Boo’s owner was revealed to him. Isaac explained:

“Two of my tipsters say that Boo’s adoptive human mother of the past six years is Irene Ahn, a dyed-in-the-wool Facebook employee working in a leading position in the company’s finance department. After working for Yahoo and PayPal in the past, Ahn has been with Facebook since December of 2008.”

The salaciousness of it all! It’s been reported that the public is now demanding a statement from Boo or at the very least a photo of him dressed as a bumble bee or ladybug. Being a wiggle-monster aside, who can say how this dramatic news will affect the young pup’s career. Will his adoring fans ever forgive this transgression? How will Boo mend our broken trust?

Many are claiming that this is the most explosive transgression done to humans by a canine since George W. Bush’s dog Barney bit Reuter reporter Jon Decker.

We reached out to Boo’s publicist who informed us that Boo has checked himself in at the Cedars-Sinai center due to “exhaustion.”

More updates to come on this earth-shattering story as it unfolds. Until then, here are some photos to help you revisit better times.


































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