Should YouTube Creators Incorporate Facebook Video?

Last week’s Comscore Video Metrix report solidified YouTube as the dominant video-streaming site in the United States with nearly 157 million unique visitors in July. The site’s numbers keep rising higher and higher, with each viewer watching an average of 525 minutes of video this month from the site’s over 19.5 billion videos hosted.

Although YouTube is light years ahead of the competition when it comes to unique visitors, number of videos and minutes per viewer, the battle for second place has been even more contentious. Until recently, the fight for second place has been between Yahoo! and VEVO, but neither site has bragging rights this time around.

Perhaps surprisingly, Facebook can claim the second place finish in the online video games for July. Although the world’s largest social media site is known for being the home to long status updates, liking stuff and timelines, remember that it also allows users the ability to upload and share videos.

Despite coming from behind in the last few Comscore monthly updates to reach second place, Facebook’s video department still needs improvement. Unlike its competitors, Facebook still lags in terms of minutes of video per viewer and number of videos on the site. While most of the videos published on Facebook do not have the sophistication and numbers that YouTube has, it’s still an important outlet for YouTubers looking for another channel to distribute their content, which will also in time raise those standards.

Facebook should take these results seriously as a way of attracting content creators to share videos through the social media site. Having a one-stop shop for videos, content, updates and other miscellaneous stuff related to content creators like Facebook keeps fans on the site longer.

Even though it will take Facebook light years to reach the numbers and viewership that YouTube commands, creators should always be on the lookout for new ways connecting their content to a wider audience. Facebook is certainly one of those ways.

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