Taylor Swift to Hold Live YouTube Webcast Chat with Fans #August13

Got any questions for Taylor Swift? She’s all ears this Monday as she hosts a live webcast on YouTube.

The show will start at 7pm ET/4pm PT and will be a great opportunity for fans to ask any questions they have for her and get some “really cool news” from the top county singer herself. In addition to seeing her live on YouTube, a Google+ Hangout will be available for fans to converse about the event.

She made a brief video message announcing the live webcast on YouTube as well as posting it on her Facebook page. Remember to hashtag #August13 on Twitter if you have anything to ask Swift!

She said on her video message, “You can ask questions. I want to share some news with you, some really cool news. Not gonna go into it too much, but it’s cool. I’ll see you there.” This could be in preparations for a new studio album scheduled for release later this year. Her latest album “Speak Now” was released in late 2010 and has so far sold nearly 2 million copies.

Swift has been at the forefront of social media, often using Facebook and YouTube to create a closer, down-to-earth relationship with her fans. She had dabbled in vlogging until recently, sometimes garnering more than a million views for her videos.

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