The ‘Project: YouTube’ Video Series Will Explain Everything you Need to Know as a Partner [VIDEO]

When YouTube first announced that they were opening up the partner program for anyone with monetized content, it came with the promise of several support programs. The most valuable of these support programs so far has been the bi-weekly product bulletin.

The recently redesigned bulletin gives creators a look into new developments that would probably go under most people’s radar. In this past bulletin alone, YouTube announced that they were offering downloadable performance reports to all creators and not just music partners.

The creators I have talked to definitely see the value in these bulletins, especially in light of the hundreds of changes that YouTube is currently going through. However, the life of a YouTube creator is hectic, to say the least. Between writing, filming, editing and promoting, you might not have time to read every product bulletin.

Luckily, YouTube has realized this and responded with “Project: YouTube.” The bi-weekly series offers a video recap of everything that YouTube thinks creators need to know. “Project: YouTube” is a streamlined version of YouTube’s bulletin in less tech-heavy terms.


As creators, every YouTube update, whether it is in regards to the partner program or technology changes, is crucial to staying ahead of your competition. “Project: YouTube” will keep you informed and aware of the updates that could change how you produce video content.

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